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Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a Moving Company

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of options in what you can do. You can be ambitious and try to move all your belongings yourself, but if you feel like you can’t handle that, you could always hire a mover or moving company for you. Movers can help you pack your things, drive all your stuff to your new property and unload it all for you. But there’s always the risk of finding a less-reputable mover who can end up costing you more money and time than you wanted.

  • Ask around for a recommendation: If you have family or friends who have recently moved and chose to go with a moving company, ask them how their company was. If they gave a positive review for a particular company, you should be looking towards that direction. However, don’t make that your one choice, still look around at your other options. There’s no guarantee that you’ll feel the same as them about that specific company.
  • Hiring a Moving Company | The Cameron Team | REMAX Solid Gold Realty (II)Research: don’t stick to one or a few options, research various companies and speak many of their representatives. Researching multiple companies is vital to your ability to find the best company for you. By doing solid research beforehand, you can also avoid scams, overspending and wasting time with a less reputable company. To get started on your research, search on the Internet as well as in your local phone book. You could also ask your real estate representative to give you some reputable moving companies.
  • Choose a local company, unless you’re moving far away: To save some money, choose a local company if you can. If you select a local company, typically charge an hourly rate for a truck and crew. If you’re moving farther away, you may want to consider on hiring a company from your new location or old one, but keep in mind that they would typically start charging mileage (or kilometres if Canada) and potentially on weight as well.
  • Cheap doesn’t mean best: Going with a competitive company don’t you’re getting a better deal. These companies can have poor service and incur charges on you later. There’s also the risk of running into fraudulent companies.
  • Get the quote /estimate after inspection: A company should never give you an upfront quote or price without looking at your belongings first. If they do this over the phone, hang up and don’t even consider hiring that company. They should come to your home first to inspect your belongings and the distance from your old place to your new one, and then they should be able to provide you with a quote.
  • Check your insurance: Call up your insurance company and see if you have coverage if there is an accident. Also, ask the moving company if they offer liability coverage. Remember, if you pack things yourself and there is an accident that way, then the moving company will not be responsible for any damage.

It’s never a bad idea to ask your real estate professional on what to look for when hiring a moving company.  Making sure you find a reputable home mover will make your home moving experience a lot more comfortable and smoother.

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